Finding Your PR Ranking

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I have been focusing my business on ghostwriting and paid blogging this last little while. For one of the new blog review sites I joined, I needed to submit my PR ranking so they could see if I get enough visitors to make it worth their while paying me to post.

I had no idea what my rank was or where to even find out. I did some research as I do for almost everything these days, and found a cool site that allows you to put an html widget on your site that will auto-populate that info for you so you can let your visitors know.

It is free and easy to install in a widget of your wp site. Here is the link for you to go and get your own.

Once you know what your ranking is, you can explore all of your options to building up those backlinks and raising your ranking. It may take time but it will come. I have not done as much as I could for this site, so I know I need to get working to raise my ranking.

Good luck to you! Hope you do well.

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