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Places to Earn Money for Writers

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When I was going through my bookmarks the other day, I realized I had so many that they were getting impossible to organize and keep track of. So I have decided to list them all in separate pages for you all to take a look through and see if you can’t find something useful to use as well.

These links were all the places that you could make money as a writer. Some of them are like Hubpages where you make money by posting articles with a share of the sites revenues and the adsense made from people reading your articles. Sometime that can be like 5 cents a day, other times it can mean hundreds or a thousand a month. It all depends on what you write and how many others like it enough to read and pass along.

I use a few of these links and get paid per article written. I have not really spent much time on the sites that pay per article as some of them are geared to only Americans(which I am a Canadian), so I went with where I ended up getting work and making money. I will also list the freelance job sites that pay ok and where I have made money. job) job) job) need to apply for this one by inquiring in email. you may need to go to main site page-not this writers page-article writing job) writing job) sharing) writing gigs) to pay to get into this database-but it is legit) article to help you learn the best way to make money with freelance writing-related article links on same page-take some time to read through the articles, I found some good info that can help) where you can find job postings) like Craigslist) of great links for other job leads)

So, this is the writing section I have narrowed it down to. Next I will get to my other job links I have saved for those of you who would like to try your hand making money in other careers.

Good luck! Have fun! Enjoy the freedom of working from home.

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