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Finding quality Affiliate Products to promote

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There is much talk about how affiliate marketing can make you hundreds or thousands of dollars each and every month. But what products should you pick? You want to pick things that people are searching for but not that everyone else seems to promote.

I was having this problem myself when I was trying to run my internet marketing blog. Everything I picked to promote it seemed like every other marketer was already pushing it. So instead of getting a sale or two a day, I was getting only one a month. How do you turn that into an income you can feed your kids with? Not likely. So instead of trying to wrack my brain for new ideas that I could do for free, I decided I would go with one of my other passions and that is showing other stay at home parents how they can make and save money. There are many people online who have the same idea and build
their sites aimed for getting parents making money, but I wrote my own reports to give
away for free.

Depending on what type of niche you choose, you can write free reports to give away that have affiliate links to related products within them.

Many people still think Clickbank, LinkShare, Shaeasale, or Commission Junction are the best places to find products. It all depends on what you would like to promote and how. If you want to get into selling physical products, then I would recommend setting up a blog or website with the help of POPSHOPS. This will ceate a storefront
for you of products you can put on your site. Commission Junction, Shareasale, and LinShare are all coordinated with this system.. Once you have signed up for an affiliate account with these places, you can then go to and learn how to get started.

Then all you need to do is get those articles written for the directories, go talk on the forums related to your niche, check out some Google groups, and put some free
ads out. The more ways you can think of to get your website address out there where
people can find you, the more traffic you will get to convert to sales.

It can be a lot of fun if you want it to be. Or it can be just a struggle trying to make money. The key is to concentrate on building up contacts, having fun networking, and eventually the sales will come in on a regular basis. They always say,getting that first commission is the hardest.

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