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Steps to Deciding Which WAHM Business is Right For You

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We all know the economy is bad. Deciding to get into business for yourself may be a wise decision. There are many things you need to consider before starting your own wahm business. Whether it is an online job, your own website for a product or service, or an offline idea, you will want to make sure you have done your homework, and created a well laid out business plan. Here are some steps to consider before deciding which WAHM Business is right for you.

Bringing Your Outside Skills Indoors

Depending on whether you liked your previous job or not, you could consider continuing with your chosen out of the home career. If you were an administrative assistant, you could look for clients and set up your own Virtual Assistant website. You could do freelance work for various clients, or find a freelance site to join to find work in the beginning before you can find your own. This will enable you to build up a portfolio to show your clients, and let them read testimonials you have collected along the way. There are also many companies offline, who are willing to hire telecommuting moms. This means, the job you would normally do in the office, can be picked up on a Monday, and returned to the office the following week when you pick up the next weeks work. In this way, the employer saves money, and you can work comfortably from home.

There are also companies you can find online that will hire you to be customer service reps, data entry specialists, transcription, and more. You need to have a reliable internet connection, an up-to-date computer with lots of memory, a head set and microphone, and perhaps a mult purpose all in one printer, scanner, fax machine.

There are many types of at home sales business opportunities to start if you like the direct contact of people and the challenge of a sale. You could sell makeup, jewelery, or other such products from companies like Avon, Mary Kay,and more depending on your country of origin. There are hundreds of direct sales companies that offer everything. You just need to decide who you would like to sell for and contact them for catalogs and order forms.

If you would like to spend more time at home you could always use your skills to start a day care, become a hairdresser, grow and sell flowers, be a professional organizer, or many other business ideas that won’t take too much time to set up. These offline services may require licenses or approval from the government, so be sure to check into everything thoroughly before making your decision.

If you would like to try your hand at an online job, there are many opportunities available that do not require a lot of cash up front to start. You can make and sell crafts online at places like ebay, or Amazon. Or you could set up your own online shop and direct traffic to it. Some people find this harder to do when they are first starting out their business. If you are an artist you could put your artwork on t-shits,cups, books, bags, and more and sell from places such as Cafepress who will make and ship your products for you.

You can become an affiliate marketer and recommend products and services to readers on a blog, in forums, yahoo and Google groups, and email lists. This often requires a lot of writing if you are looking to promote products using free traffic methods.

Write a list of your likes and dislikes, write down a list of your skills, and then write down a list of your cash or equipment that you have available to build a business. Looking at all three lists, try to choose the best type of business for you to start off. This should get you off on the right track in deciding which business you could start today.

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