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Another method of making money is through email subscribers. Here is another giveaway event that can help you.

Hey all.

I want to tell you about another great giveaway event. If you are looking for private label content you can use for your business, or traffic secrets, or any other reports and software you could use to start or run your business online, you will want to sign up for this free giveaway.

If you are looking to be a contributor and build up your list of subscribers, you will want to get in earlier, like NOW before the door open to the public and you won’t be able to submit a gift for people to sign up for.

I am going to make this quick because I am sure I have posted previous comments about these giveaways since I love them and get involved whenever I have the time. If you are new and just starting out building a list, you may want to invest in the upgrade just because it will help you build up faster and get twice as many subscribers as a free member. But even if you don’t have the cash, we are all strapped at one time or another, entering as a free member will still land you enough to add to your list. Since it is free, you can’t really knock any that you get.

Remember you will need a nice digital item to give away that will add value to your list and make them want to sign up and stay with you. If you have any problems thinking up anything but would still like to get involved, give me a shout on here and I will get back to you to work with you until you have something.

So here are the links:
Click on the link if you want to be a contributor, and the banner pic if you want to just sign up and get free goodies.

Merry Christmas Contributor Sign up

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