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Blogging Secrets Day 5 -Hybrid Marketing

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Welcome to Day 5 of the Blogging Secrets eCourse. Today we will
be going over what is called “Hybrid Marketing”.

While there are some people using Adsense on their blogs right
now to create income, a VERY small percentage are doing this

You see, most people just don’t understand enough about Adsense
to make it work right with their blog and end up doing one of
two negative things:

1) Scaring off visitors with blatant advertising.

2) Placing the ads so they get ignored and no money is made.
Either one of these are deadly to the success and potential
profitability of your blog.

Just how do people “scare” visitors away from their site never
to return?

They place ads all over their blog so the blog is nothing but an
“ad farm” that people cringe at when they arrive.
How do people make their ads get ignored which results in no
clicks and no profits?

They put them in obscure, hidden places and no one cares about
them. The secret to getting clicks is to place them in places
that “compliment” the content!

SO what is it that makes one blog super successful using Adsense
and one a huge failure?

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To Your Success,

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