Blogging Secrets Day 2 -Blogs That Don’t Succeed

Welcome to Day 2 of the Blogging Secrets eCourse.

Today we will be going over what makes blogs fail.
While there are loads of people blogging there are 1000 times
more that aren’t getting any traffic to their blog at all.
That’s pretty sad isn’t it?

After all, the whole point of having a blog online is so you can
share your thought and insights with like minded people and
communicate about them.

So what is it that makes a blog fail? Today we are going to go
over the two biggest things that create failure…
1) Content isn’t updated regularly – with a blog you need to
post at least once a week to keep the search engines interested
and sending you traffic.

2) The content isn’t targeted – if your content isn’t targeted
and is too broad, no one will read your content; stay on your
blog or return.
If you watch out for these two pitfalls, you’re already way
ahead of the crowd.

You see, the Internet has largely moved toward commercialism
and many people are publishing blogs loaded with no good content!
This leaves the doors wide open for you to come in and fill a
need that just isn’t being properly met.

If you become known as the “content provider” for your chosen
niche market, you’ll get much more traffic than people who pack
their blogs with nothing but self serving advertising.

To find out even more of the common mistakes people make
blogging click here:
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To Your Success,

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