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Website Flipping for Profit

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One of the most popular shows on tv these days is called “Flip that House”. In these episodes, different people from all cities around the America buy run down houses for cheap and invest $10-$100k into them to make them like new and sell them for a profit.

Online you can invest in simple websites and add more content, affiliate links, and sometimes products to make them gaining more traffic and turning a profit. It often helps those who do not like to do any keyword research or trying to figure out what niche is in demand.

You can get your hands on cheap plr articles or ebooks and rewrite them for content. You can join a membership site and find some related ebooks or software you could sell. When you have enough traffic coming in, and have decided what you are adding to it to increase the value, you then sell it and turn a profit.

A lot of people are more than willing to buy a complete website with product included that all they have to do is continue to market for sales. There is a huge market for this type of business just like in the offline world.

One of the best parts of this business is IT’S FUN!!! I love building new websites and selling them. Although I do it from the beginning end. I do the research for keywords, find the templates, set up the website, add the original content(usually about 5-10 pages), and maybe some adsense or other monetization to it.

I then take it to places where you can buy and sell websites fast such as, list it for say $150(cost you about $20 to set up and get ready plus a few weeks of time for building some traffic). Some may not think this is a good deal, but if you can create the website in a day, and then just drive some traffic to it by article marketing, forum and yahoo group postings, maybe a hubpage or squidoo lens, this is not bad. $150 for a days work is fine with me.

If you think you would be interested in this type of thing, you should check out forum sites such as In this forum, there are many helpful discussions about website flipping, tips to get started and selling profitable sites without wasting your time.

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