Choosing the Right E-Commerce Solution

I have been debating a few things in regards to e-commerce these days. I have set up and used several e-commerce software solutions over the last few years.

Recently, I have been setting up an affiliate program for my products. As with many products out there, individual sales pages are created. In these pages, a long sales pitch is detailed with benefits and a call to action for the reader.

When you use an e-commerce store though, you have a bunch of products within the same area. Although you do have a sales page section it is meant more for a description before the cash out button.

With online stores becoming more of an attraction for business owners, buyers are liking the shorter form of sales page found in the e-commerce shop setup. As long as you still detail the benefits, and describe how the product will help the customer, that is really all you need to sell an item. Do you see Walmart throwing up long 3-page sales pitches for all 500k products they have? Wow, that would be time-consuming. Instead, they practice the art of making their product as enticing as possible to the customers with as little wording as possible.

So, although I have created a long sales page for a couple of my products to do some conversion testing, I am still an e-commerce lover who would rather run a store.

How do you decide what store to choose? Are you a techie? If not, installing one of the e-commerce choices included in your hosting control panel is probably the best way to go. Then all you need to do is click a few buttons to install and spend some time adding products, and a logo to make your own designer storefront.

As you learn more, you can do more. If you are still scared of anything technical, there are always sites such as that allow you to set up a shopping cart on your site by just clicking on a widget. I often encourage new beginners to start with this type of site because you can start for free. Then as you get more familiar with the way things work, you can upgrade to more product availability.

If you are interested in starting up an online business, you could visit my store, grab a copy of my free report on dropshipping and resell rights products. These 2 guides will give you resources for getting products free to start building your online store.

Then when you are ready to proceed, you can check out my tutorials for either setting up a site using Freewebs(found in my tutorial on setting up a free store) or Cube Cart(detailed in my book “Setting Up and Running an Online Store”)

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