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Crafts Really can Make You Money

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If you like to make creative projects, you should try your hand at crocheting or knitting. The wool can be bought for cheap at Wal-Mart, or any other craft store you may have in your city. In Canada we have places such as White Rose, and Michael’s. I have found a few good resources to help you find affordable yarn and supplies; some of the stores even offer free patterns for you to try.

Angel Yarns Rowan Yarn Store UK – Knitting Needles, Wool, Accessories(U.K.)

Knitting Wool, hand knitting yarns from Wool n Things(Australia)

Knitting Yarn from Shops – Acrylic, Wool Yarn, Knitting, Crafts items at low prices(U.K)

Michaels, The Arts & Crafts Store(Canada and the U.S.)(free patterns)

White Rose Craft and Nursery Sales Limited, Toronto, ON on Profile Canada Business Directory of Companies
White Rose Crafts & Nrsry Sls, Concord, ON on Profile Canada Business Directory of Companies
White Rose Crafts & Nrsry Sls, Guelph, ON on Profile Canada Business Directory of Companies
White Rose Crafts/nursery Sls, Sudbury, ON on Profile Canada Business Directory of Companies

Bendigo Woollen Mills(Australia)

Here are some links for free knitting patterns

Free Knitting Patterns from Knitting On The Net

Knitting Pattern Socks Free Sweater:

Free Knitting Patterns at

Knitting, Free Knitting Patterns, Knitting Yarn, Knitting Instructions, Knitting Book, Knitting Stores.

Knitting Pattern Central – Free Knitting Patterns
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That should be more than enough to keep you going for a long time. There is so much than can be made from knitting. Knitting is the best thing to do while watching TV. with the family at night, taking a break to relax, or making a full time commitment to it to produce as many products as you can. If you knit or crotchet all year round you could rent a table or booth, at malls, flea markets, craft markets, or any social event in your neighborhood where they have booths for lease.

If you find you are accumulating a large inventory, you could setup shop online at places like this is a selling community much like eBay, but you do not have to pay to open and run a shop. The only time you pay is when someone buys off of you and there is a small final sales fee charged. For example, I sold a $17 blanket, and the final sales fee was $1.75. You can sell pretty well anything you would like in your store. The only thing you can sell is digital downloadable items. Or if you want a more specific site to sell on geared for handmade products the place to go is
Etsy :: How Selling Works

Post flyers around your neighborhood create a catalog of pictures and descriptions of your inventory and secure it in a photo album, carry it around with you so when people are interested in seeing your goods, you can show them.

If you would like to hear more on what other people are doing and what they are selling goes here Yahoo! Canada Answers – Can anyone make a living off of knitting?

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