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Blogging is the latest craze these days. Since Google loves fresh new content, many people are starting to see the benefits in blogging. If you would like to review websites or products, then write up a review consisting of 200-1000 words for the owner, you can earn money. You can earn anywhere between $1-$15 per post.

Many people find this a good source of income. There are some requirements though. You must have a blog that is at least 3 months old, has good traffic and backlinks, unique content and not just borrowed content from others, excellent grammar and spelling, and a niche blog, not just one that discusses anything.

If you find you do not qualify when you first apply, work on getting your blog to have more traffic and backlinks, then resubmit again in 3-6 months(I had to do it too).

Here are a few places you can apply to.

Sponsored Reviews
Pay Per Post
Weblogs, Inc

This is a site that is similar but you do not have to post on your own blog, you can just write a review for anything and everything you have purchased or tried. It is a great way to get some practice in for writing reviews and earning some income at the same time.

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