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It’s Giveaway time again!!! The Giveaway events are really flooding my inbox. I spent the entire day yesterday signing up to every event I could and submitting my free gift.

If you still have not created your own information product yet, you can still join these giveaways as a contributor and build your list. All you need to do is submit a resale rights product. You can get some from many membership sites. These sites can be expensive sometimes, although there are affordable ones that aren’t skimpy.

I have a VIP memership at a site called Resell it for Profit. I am a reseller as well.For those of you looking to get involved with list building but are in need of a product to giveaway, I am going to give you a free Gold membership that is worth $67 a year and provides you with 426 products to choose from and sell as you own. Most of these products also come with their own website files you only need to upload to your own hosting server.

You can then choose to upgrade and get access to another 250 products, you will be able to sell ebooks, software, templates, videos, and more for numerous niche markets.

Click on my link below to get your free Gold membership now.

Now click on the following links and sign up for these giveaway events before they launch and you lose out. You could receive hundreds of subscribers to your list in a month the more events you sign up for.

Multiple Sclerosis Giveaway and Fundraiser

100 Percent Giveaway

There’s a huge 1000USD referral contest, so join and start promoting the event!
Friday the 13th Giveaway

The Scotsmans Birthday Giveaway Bash

Traffic Giveaway 1.0

Peter Cottontail Easter Giveaway

Even if you do not have a list of your own at all, you can upgrade and be guaranteed that you will have your gift seen and be building your list faster. I know sometimes it is not affordable to upgrade for every event but look for the cheap ones. There are a few that you can upgrade for as low as $9.97 where others the upgrade is as high as $67. Even upgrading at one event could give you a list of over 100 for you to start with for the next set of events. Once you have a list you do not need to upgrade if you don’t want(unless you want to add more than one gift to the event or want the chance to have your gift on one of the first pages seen)

Trust me, it is worth all the work and the few dollars. Getting involved with these giveaways is sooo addicting once you get started, and the feeling you get when your inbox fills up with new subscriber mentions. They say that every subscriber on your list is worth $1 so the more you have the richer you become.

p.s. just in case you do not have an aweber autoresponder account you can get one here through my link. It is the best $20 a month I invest into my business and most internet marketers will agree. You can try it out for free with these giveaways and see for yourself. Aweber will also send you an ecourse to help you setup and get your first campaign running.

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  1. Robbe

    Thank you! It seems like the resellitforprofit-website is down at the moment. Anyone know why? Anyway… you’ve made a nice blog here and you just got another rss subscriber 🙂

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