What Commercials Appeal to you?

Holiday seasons bring out the big guns for advertising. Have you ever noticed that some companies don’t even seem to advertise all year until the Christmas rush comes around?

One of my favorite commercials is the Kleenex Puffs. You know the ones with the cartoon type people who are always wiping their noses until they fall off. Then they use a Kleenex Puff and the soothing lotion makes their nose all better? This commercial is on every year with various forms, and then disappears when the winter winds down. It is obvious why you only see these commercials on in the winter but it makes you wonder if they are so powerful that they could sell enough to cover their costs of marketing.

That is why when you are a little guy with a limited budget it is so important to make sure you have done your keyword search and product search to see what people are looking for. Especially if you are using PPC you do not want to be wasting your prectious money on a product or sales pitch/keywords that are not going to reap enough rewards. For new beginners this is often the hardest thing to learn. If you have been around to many forums and groups who talk shop, you will hear many people talk about the hundreds and thousands of wasted dollars.

I do not have a budget I can blow on this form of advertising. Even at pennies a click, you will see that your allotted budget can be gone in a day or two with nothing to show for it. With all of the other free forms of advertsing, many people just prefer to go that way. PPC is the quickest way to get money coming in but you need to make up your investment before you see profit.

Videos now a days are very popular. WIth Youtube being so popular, you can make your own commercial online and advertise for free. Some companies have been paying thousands of dollars for one commercial to be seen online. How many of us could afford that?

Watching commercials online is a great way for a marketer to learn the best ways to attract their own market. Take notes of what commercials appeal to you, why, the music, the words, the feelings they invoke, and the overall impression. Then use this research to come up with your own commercial for youtube or wherever you choose.

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