Don’t let Discouragement get you down

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We all have days where we want to just pack it all in, or throw the computer in the trash. We can’t let these days stay with us.

If you are building a list, you may find yourself getting discouraged as you see people unsubscribing from your list. If you have received these subscribers from free giveaways, you will always have the people who only signed up for the freebie. Do not let yourself get discouraged. These people would most likely have either never purchased anything from you, or never opened your email even if they stayed on your list. It is better to have a smaller list of responsive people than not.

I was feeling a little on the down side this week. A little of it being that I am now 32 weeks pregnant and want this over, and a little because I was hitting a wall when it came to marketing, and new products to create that others could use. Sometimes finding your target market in such a big world with so much other competition, makes me feel like a little fish being swallowed by a shark. Either that or I feel like I am not as talented as some of my competition and feel like I am wasting my time.

We can not allow those types of thoughts to permeate our thinking. Find something to make yourself feel better. Change your perspective. There are still many levels of new beginners out there trying to make money online, learn to create a website, blog, or any of the other things you can do online these days. Just because someone else has created an ebook or course on a topic you may have as well, doesn’t mean that they are going to steal your customers from you. Although they will if you allow your negative thoughts to rule and you sit on your hands when you should be finding ways to market and get yourself out there.(Don’t forget there is also the offline world you can reach out to as well when appropriate).

As my business partner was telling me the other day, she has read many products and watched several videos from other marketers who had products not as well written or created as some of mine and these people were well on their way to making some serious money anyways. It was because they never gave up. They did whatever they could to get out there and show people what they can offer. They are convincing because they believe in themselves and their product. You need that to succeed.

Some of the richest affiliate marketers have made millions selling trash, only because they were good at convincing people that they needed this product and it could help them. You can get your piece of the pie if you stay focused, positive and believe you deserve it.

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    You got numerous positive points there. I made a search on the issue and found nearly all peoples will agree with your blog.

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