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New eCovers are Ready

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 I said I would let you know when I had some ecovers ready. I can now say I do. My darling hubby worked long and hard to finish up my ecovers at break neck speed. I do thank him for that. He is getting quite good and has some other work lined up with other marketers. If anyone is looking for some ecover work at a reasonable price($50 a cover)you can leave a comment on here and I will get back to you. Please pass the word around if you know someone else who might be wanting some graphics work. My husband also does website design and layout, and illustrations for children’s stories.

Here is one of my ecovers. If you would like to see more, visit my storefront at

I also just finished another 13 page lesson titled “Making Money with Resell Rights Products” This will help the new beginner to understand more what resell rights products are, how they can sell them, and where they can get them. I am also including a Gold membership to one of the great resell rights sites I have used with success. This is a great $67 offer. Not a bad deal considering the cost of the lesson/tutorial is only $7 no? I will be adding this lesson to my store within the next week. My hubby should have my ecover ready soon.

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