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Well I decided to do some testing for my blog and website I would like to share with you some of what I found out over the last few days.

First, I was wondering about Safelists, Traffic Exchanges, and free classifieds.


I joined only one called AdTactics. There are 7690 members. What you do is agree to recieve emails from other members. When you read the email and click on the link for thier website you will receive 50 credits per site. I spent the day receiving emails. I must have received a hundred or more over 24 hours. I spent approximately 2 or 3 hours clicking and gathering up as many credits as I could. At the end I cashed in and had 1000 credits. I emailed to 1000 members and waited to see how it would reflect on my traffic stats.
End result? Nothing! Not one single link was clicked from that site! That means that of the 1000 people I emailed, they didn’t even bother to either read my email or click through to get their 50 credits. Which means what? I am thinking that there are more than the few who are paid upgrades who do not have to read other emails to have their messages read. When you upgrade, you still get to have your messages sent to the members but can free up your time and email box. I cancelled my account. I am not wasting time with all of those emails, and not getting anything. Obviously if this marketing does work, it only works for those who pay.

Traffic Exchanges:

First off, there are tons of traffic exchanges out there! I went with Traffic Splash. I also like Traffic Swarm but found Traffic Splash to be a little more friendly and visually appealing. They have contests and surf rewards for so many clicks. So, I set about making up my text ad, banner ad, and SPLASH page to connect for the site. The SPLASH page was added to the rotation of other sites, and the text ad and banner ad waited until I rounded up enough credits to get them into rotation as well. I surfed for about 3 hours and earned about 4000 credits. I also won 1500 free banner ads, and 500 text ads. The next day I checked my stats and 94 visitors had clicked to my site and I added one new sign up to my optin list. Now this may not be a huge success, but to me, it showed me that there might be something to this I could work with. So, I am going to keep on surfing to see how it goes over more time.

Free Classifieds:

I used Kijiji and Craigslist for my city. I promoted a new course I was planning on teaching. I had a pretty good, detailed ad setup. This I checked to see how many views I received. I only received 11 views in Kijiji and 20 in Craigslist.
I received no emails to sign up. Within the 24 hours, my ad went to the bottom of the first page. Once it leaves the front page, I can expect no more views. I was not impressed with this method and once again, unless you pay for a premium listing to keep your ad on the front page, you will most likely not get much of a response.

The next venture I am going into is JV Giveaways. I have signed up as a contributor and now that I have my SPLASH page created with my optin form included, I am set to go. I have my free product ready to be downloaded in the first of my autoresponder emails, and look forward to getting many more optins and hopefully customers happening. Since I only have a small email list so far, I need to pay for the upgrade which will enable me to participate still. If I had a big enough list, I would not have to upgrade, I would just have to send a broadcast email to my list to get them all signing up for free gifts from all the other marketers who joined. I am hoping by the end of the year to have a list big enough to not have to upgrade for the next spring giveaway. There are giveaway events all year long. If you entered into enough of them all year, you could have a good list happening and get your email marketing aspect of your business off to a great start for automation.

If you would like to help me out and also land yourself a ton of free gifts, click on the banner below and get signed up for the IM Dream Team Giveaway launching on the 15th.

I am getting excited with the possibilities of it all! You should really join in these fun marketing techniques. You will be glad you did!

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