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We all want to be successful online. Some of us prefer to promote affiliate products due to not having any of our own yet, or just because we enjoy being able to promote so much of a variety of products. Whichever choice works best for you, amassing a targeted list of potential buyers is something we should all be setting our sights on. Although there is tons of free information online of how to create a list, it all boils down to having the traffic to build up this subscriber base.

Once you start to build up your list, regardless of how small or long it may take you, you need to treat your subscribers well. Offer freebies now and again, don’t harass with too many emails, and talk to your customers/subscribers like they matter and are not just a means to dollars in your bank. Relationships take a long time to develop and grow. You want your customers to trust you. This will take time. If you come right off and start pushing sales without offering freebies, or useful information, you will soon find yourself alone without a list after everyone has opted out.

It may be harder now to get optins due to the fact everyone is trying to accomplish the same thing but it is not impossible with a lot of persistence and dedication. So go get that account for $20 a month, create your optin form, throw it up on your website or blog, and set up your first 5-10 emails with your freebie promos, offers, and introductions. Be patient as it may take some time to start getting people signing up but they will. The first signup is the hardest.

Feel free to post any comments here if you would like to give other readers some tips or encouragement on how you are doing with your list building and if your list helps make you additional money every month.

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