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I just wanted to discuss some aspects of information products today. I came across a free ebook that discussed making and selling info products. As I love reading info products, sell info products, and create info products, I am always trying to keep up with as much as I can.

The ebook I want to review today is called eBook Marketing 101. This is 19 pages. I will list the pros and cons as they occurred to me.


new info that was helpful
proper editing and formatting


empty pages with nothing on them
although informative, the writing style was a little boring
not written for all levels of readers skill and understanding

As I was reading through this ebook, the author was discussing how he/she made a lot of money writing and selling these products. I had to laugh. Since there was missing pages, and I felt like parts of the book were just rehashed info written another way, I was not convinced that this person truly made a lot of money. Maybe I am just picky but when I review something and it is not professional enough for me to believe this person is an expert, I tend to disbelieve most of what the message is trying to portray.

I have been guilty of this I am sure. I do have my own editor for my products, as I know my grammar is the worst. I can write with no problems, yet grammar structure I can not seem to nail. I guess though, if I could, as well as other writers out there, there would be no need for editors to be employed.

It is not such a big deal to have a free product not be perfect but most people expect that when they pay for something they will get their money’s worth or money back. With info products, you usually do not get your money back due to the nature of the product. Although most upstanding businesses will offer a money back gaurantee or a replacement of some type to keep the customer happy and avoid negative feedback. The problem with free products not being as professional as paid products, is that most people will never find that out once they see that the free product was lacking.

Internet Marketing is a learning process. It takes most of us years to get to the point where we can even feel secure in what we know. let alone call ourselves experts. I do not want to be a “Guru”. I prefer to write what I have learned, create products, and them tell people that I do know what I am talking about due to experience and learning through my own applications but am by no means an expert for others to “worship” or follow blindly to the ends of the earth. This way I can share what I have learned at the same time as others can hold my advice and guidance in the right perspective. It is a win win for all.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment and we can start a discussion over the next little while to see where it can lead us.
Take care for now.

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