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I was going through some of my files and links the other day when I was finishing up my latest report/ebook I wrote. I found that some of the old blogs I thought I lost are still ranked on Google, although I can no longer post on them anymore since it has been over a year and I have no idea what the login and password are now. If anyone is interested in reading old posts about psychology, business, weight loss or writing tips, you can read them here

So much has changed since I first started out with my first site in 2001. We are able to see what the fads were, what the good business sites are that are still in demand now, and what sites never made it past the first domain name renewal.

You really do have to stick to this business and market in as many ways as you can to get known out there. I realize how little marketing I have done with my business ventures and why I moved on to other things when after a year or so I did not acheive my goals. I have learned alot over the years and have now amassed a product line for myself of my own products. Affiliate marketing is good money but it has a different feeling being able to make money off of products that you have created yourself.

I would like to give you a free ebook that I just finished writing. I have the hopes that this book will be able to give a little bit of inspiration and encouragement to those people who are just starting out or wanting to start. Feel free to pass this download around to anyone you feel would enjoy and benefit from it.

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