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Making a Website and Choosing a Profitable Niche

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I hope the New Year has been good to you so far. My business is off to a great start it appears. The forecast looks clear. I am feeling rejuvenated. I am in high spirits.
But the constant struggle I am finding is for the online target marketing. Driving traffic to my site. Getting into a high ranking on the search engines.
The following article may give you some tips on getting yourself up and in a good standing on the search engine ranking.

Building Valuable Web Content… Fast
Copyright 2006 Dave Markel

By now most everyone who runs a website is aware that
content is king. Whether it is in the form of photos,
products, blog entries or articles webmasters are obsessed
with adding content to their sites. It isn’t always easy to
do. There is a fine balance between pleasing the search
engine to get high rankings and pleasing the visitors to
your site, and lets face it visitors are the priority since
they are the ones with the wallet.

Lately the search engines have been giving better placement
in their rankings to sites that are loaded with good
informational articles, articles that are well written with
no spelling or punctuation errors. Remember the search
engines sole purpose is to give the most relevant results
to a search query.

So to create this content you have several options, all
with their advantages and disadvantages. The best method
but most time consuming is to simply write the articles
yourself. You can also go to a free article directory site
like article city and use the articles there for free.
Hiring a writer at rentacoder is a great option but the
cost of getting good articles is quite high. Another option
is to join a private label article site and use those
articles on your site.

Let’s take a look at the 4 most common methods described
above and see which is right for you. There is no question
that writing articles yourself is the best method of
creating great content. Content that is original and
written in your own voice. However if you are like me it is
far to time consuming to write 40 or 50 article a month,
with the research and proof reading who has the time?

Article directories are a convenient source of free content
but remember you get what you pay for. It is possible to
find very well written articles on these sites but most of
the time you will only find one article on each topic which
makes it hard if you operate a niche web site. Since these
are free articles you are required to include an author’s
bio with every article that you publish. It may seem like a
small price to pay but remember this; that bio is a doorway
straight out of your website. So as you can see free is not
always the best.

A very good way to build content for your site is to hire a
writer at sites like rentacoder or elance. You can get very
well written articles that are right on topic and exactly
what you are looking for, after all you are hiring the
writer to write them for you. This is a great way to
leverage you time as well you spend a fraction of the time
it takes to write the articles yourself. The only downside
is the cost. You can hire a writer for as low as $5 per
article all the way up to several hundred dollars per
article. This can get very expensive if you need to have a
lot of content written for your site. Month after month a
webmaster can spend thousands of dollars. For most, this
cost simply is prohibitive.

Joining a private label right (PLR) membership site is the
best of both worlds. You get great content that is targeted
towards niche websites at a price that is very affordable,
often for less then $1 per article. Private label right
membership sites produce article packages that you are free
to do with as you please. You can re-write the articles cut
or copy paragraphs together to create new articles and at
the end you can call them your own work. PLR sites usually
limit their membership to a couple hundred members to
prevent the search engines from being saturated with the
same content. With all the variation in the way these
articles are being used it is unlikely that you will have
much competition. After all people are manipulating the
articles to create original content.

Having the edge when is comes to the search engine rankings
can bring you tons of free traffic. It is well accepted
that articles not only please the search engine but also
the visitors to your website. As you can see there are many
ways to get great articles some are far better then others.

Dave Markel is the owner of Great Niche Content; a PLR
membership site. Visit his site at

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