Business Slogans-Is Yours Memorable Enough?

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I finally got around to getting my site up and running for my business. Research has been done and now products are on display to be purchased. Some are my own and others are from other companies I am affiliated with. I struggled over marketing strategies,finding the perfect keywords,learning how search engines work,email optin lists, payment procedures,etc.etc.

It is a learning process that I don’t think will ever be complete as long as I aim to stay in business. I would like you to visit my website and see if there might not be something you would be interested in. I am adding new products so you should keep in touch. I have 7 other stories I am presently getting published that will be available for sale in the next month if all goes well. I need some testimonials to add to my site, and am looking forward to my first few received.

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Here is an article I found to be perfect timing for me. I was looking for a memorable slogan and then I came across this article. I think it has some key points to help guide you if you are still looking.

Your Business Needs Its Own Memorable Slogan to Make Your Ads, Website and
Yellow Pages Stand Out
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Your Slogan is the “Headline” for Your Business

Tell people in a short phrase or sentence what you want
them to know or remember about your business. The best ones
conjure up a strong mental image, that will be forever
linked with you in their memories. A little wit, humor,
insight, unusual (yet relevant) spin goes a long way toward
making it stick.

If you don’t stand out during the famous first impression,
(or in a later contact) there won’t be anything for them to
recall later. They’ll draw a blank – which means they don’t
feel any connection to you at all. So few businesses have a
good slogan (also called a tag line), yet it’s an easy way
to distinguish yourself from the rest.

Finding the Phrase that Defines the Enterprise Isn’t Easy –
But is Worth it

Choose one that people will easily relate to and remember.
Don’t make it too long or complicated. And avoid the bland
phrase that’s not unique to your business. Saying, “We aim
to please” could apply to any type of business, and really
doesn’t aim very high.

Imagine a much more potent a phrase like, “On-time Delivery
or It’s Half Price.” That certainly sets you apart from the
competition! People will notice, and they’ll hold you to
it. You can be sure they won’t forget it. Your next
challenge would be to live up to it.

A printer’s card showing camels in a row and stating, “We
take the humps out of problems,” emphasized its service
orientation. Notice the words and image reinforce each
other. That’s filed in the brain as an image, rather than
information. Such amusing impressions are much more likely
to be recalled than XYZ Printers.

The Slogan is Your Verbal Logo – Weave the Words and Images

A tagline can be as important as your logo, since it
delivers your most direct message. It should send a
reassuring message that attracts precisely those customers
you can best serve. Weave it into your image (via color or
font) so they appear as a unit. It’s more powerful and
likely to be remembered that way.

Once you adopt one, use it constantly. Put the phrase
everywhere the business name or logo appears.

State your slogan aloud at every opportunity. Have everyone
who works with the enterprise say it in every business
contact, sale, or telephone greeting. And practice saying
it with emphasis and enthusiasm – not just another “have a
nice day” substitute. Ugh!

The up-beat repetition of the words reinforces the message
you want people to recall about your enterprise – with an
emotional charge as well. And it helps for you to take the
words to heart as business policies and decisions are made.
For example, people would note the irony of a slogan
promising good customer services, when they’ve just been
treated poorly.

Kinds of Tag Lines – Statement of purpose, philosophy, or
mission statement – Motto or slogan – Pledge – Policy –
Guarantee – Jingle – Pun, joke, or play on words –
Relevant quote or aphorism – or a takeoff on one

Defining Your Business Slogan is a Rite of Passage

Finding your unique and powerful slogan isn’t easy. It’s
hard to distill a business philosophy or personality into a
single phrase. But it is incredibly potent when it hits the
mark. The public notices those businesses that have pulled
it off in a positive way.

Very few operations have bothered to find an effective
slogan, and it seldom happens until other aspects of the
business “jell.” That’s the true importance of the effort
to find yours.

Businesses that have all their parts working together
communicate to the public in a way that other enterprises
don’t. And one of they things they communicate: “We have
our act together.” You can bet that customers prefer to do
business with those that do.

–Dr. Lynella Grant Consultant and Author – Promote
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