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Traffic Tips-How to Use Ebay Traffic for More Sales

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Do you sell items on eBay? I have a brother who makes a healthy living doing that. He sells computers, parts, software, ipods, and other assorted products. Of the people I have talked to who sell on eBay, they all say it can become an addiction. They enjoy it immensely. Now doesn’t that sound like the best kind of job? Ebay gets a lot of traffic and one of the best traffic tips is to use that to drive more to your own website through the use of an auction.
The following article should give you some tips on how to make eBay work for you to generate more traffic to your own site. Follow the guidelines though or you may break some rules and regulations.

How to use eBay auctions to drive traffic to your site
Copyright 2005 Peter Tarrida del Marmol

Many eBay auction sellers rely only on eBay for generating
100% of their online income. Many of these people are
running a successful auction business; however, they could
do even better. They are missing a huge opportunity to
turbo-boost their business profits and reduce their listing
fees at the same time. If you feel you are one of these
people, these are the steps you should follow to optimize
your net auction business:

1.Create a website. If you can write an eBay ad, then you
can design a website. It is not rocket science. You can
download many free web templates from the internet and
customize them easily with any HTML editor. If you type the
words “free web templates” in Google, for example, you will
get more than one million results!

2.Register a domain name and hire a web hosting service.
These services start at about $40 per year, depending on
the web space and special services you require. Once you
have set up your hosting account, you must publish your

3.Register an account in Paypal in order to allow online
payments from your website. Paypal’s payment buttons and
shopping cart options are easy to use and allow you to set
up your site very quickly.

4.Use allowed strategies in your eBay auctions to drive
traffic to your website. You don’t have to pay listing fees
and commissions for the sales that come from your website,
so your objective should be to use eBay only to generate
traffic and monetize your sales from your own website.

But everybody knows that eBay does not allow placing
outbound links in the auction ads, so how can you turn the
massive eBay daily traffic into a continuous stream of
visitors to your site?

Here comes the interesting part…

The first method is to put a link to your site on your
“about me” page and then link your auction ad to it. This
is allowed by eBay. Your auction visitors will be directed
first to your “about me” page, and then driven to your
website. A second way to gain traffic is advertising your
business using a picture or logo on your auction ad that
includes your website’s URL. By doing this, you will be
using eBay as a very cheap way of advertising online. All
your auction visitors will see the name of your site and
will be invited to type your URL in their web browser.

To optimize the number of visitors to your auctions, make
sure to use popular words in your auction’s title.

Another easy technique is to write your site’s name without
the “http://” or “www” in a paragraph of your eBay ad. This
should be done carefully. The paragraph should not look
like an ad for your site, but as a natural explanation. For
example, let’s say your website is www.auctionearnings.com.
You could include a paragraph like this in your ad:

“You can find more information regarding this product at
AuctionEarnings.com, as well as free articles and free
e-books that will contribute to increasing your knowledge
on your subject of interest.”

Finally, and in my opinion, the most efficient way to gain
massive traffic is to create an information product and
give it away on eBay. Sell it for one penny and send an
email to your customers with a link to your download page.

Attention – very important!

You MUST capture your customer’s name and email address in
order to build your own customer list, so that you can
promote other products in the future using auto-responders.
At this point, you will be taking control of your own
business and you will not have to depend on eBay anymore to
monetize your sales.

Peter Tarrida del Mármol has succeeded on using eBay to
generate traffic for his affilliate internet business. To
learn more, click on:

While there are many other traffic tips that you can find to use to your advantage, using a huge traffic source such as from ebay, can really mean a lot to the growth of your business if you play the game right.

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