Ezine Marketing-How to Get Started

Have you thought of a weekly or monthly ezine? When you browse through all the other online businesses, one thing you may notice is the signup form on the side to subscribe to thier ezine. In your ezine you could let your subscribers know if and when you have any specials going on, any news withing the company, or any quick tips or other info they may be interested in. Ezine marketing is a well known and trusted way to market your business in today’s world.
The following article may help you decide how to setup your own ezine.

How to Use Ezines to Market Your Services
Copyright 2005 Stacey Morris

One of the most effective ways to promote your website is
through an ezine, or electronic magazine. In a previous
issue I discussed effective ways to build a list, but here
I want to return to the advantages of distributing an
ezine—my favorite permission-based marketing strategy.

An ezine allows you to proactively build a list of
subscribers and prospects.

Most people will not immediately sign up for your services,
but they may want to be kept in the loop. By offering a
complimentary subscription, you’re giving your prospects
the option of staying abreast of your offerings. By signing
up, your subscribers are giving you permission to market to
them over time.

Coaching Question: What could you offer your list as an
incentive to sign up for your ezine?

You can maintain varying levels of contact with your list.

One of the less talked about wonders of having a larger
list is the ability to divide it into different types or
levels of prospects—almost impossible with traditional
mailing lists.

You could have a list made up solely of clients, another
list exclusively of buyers of your audio course, another of
prospects that haven’t bought anything from you yet. By
dividing your lists, you can target your base more
effectively, and you avoid irritating people with repeat
offers (think of realtors who deluge mailboxes with offers
to SELL NOW!).

Coaching Question: Develop a funnel model of your
offerings, with your ezine at top and your most expensive
service at bottom. What products and services could you
provide within the funnel?

You can continually add value for your subscribers.

Magazine subscriptions are limited in the ways they can
promote their publication. Sending out gifts is
prohibitively expensive, so a free sample issue and an
introductory low price are the most common incentives for
subscribing to a new publication. We’ve become used to this
overused tactic, and now expect it. But what if your
magazine could occasionally supply you with relevant
information about your specific interests? And what if it
did this without trying to sell you anything? Just as a way
of adding value to your subscription?

Surprise your subscribers with free reports, links to audio
programs or member-only teleclasses. The internet is a
fantastic tool for allowing us to provide tons of helpful
information and assistance, with little cost. There is no
better way to stand out than to give away something of
great perceived value.

Coaching Question: What complimentary / low-cost products
or services could you offer your subscribers? What about
long-term subscribers? Or past clients? Brand new clients?

Think about how you can build an ezine that helps your
readers while positioning you as the expert.

Stacey Morris, Focus Coach
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So hopefully now you have a better understanding of ezine marketing and how you can get started and use it to build your business and brand. The internet may be full of opportunities for people to be their own boss and make money but you really must use all marketing tactics you can to get yourself seen and heard over all the other competition. Ezine marketing is an affordable way to get that done.

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