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There really is so much to learn about business isn’t there? All the terms and annotations. How to go about direct marketing in the best way to win and build more business. Some days I go to bed so full of what I have just studied that I know it will be a full few days before it all sinks in, and by then I will have added new stuff on top. But I take such joy in learning all this new information that can better help me to be the best I can be in my own business.
The following article I found useful with a touch of wit to it. It sounds ridiculous but I could see it really being true. I was introduced to a new concept called polarization.

Why Jerks Win At Direct Marketing
Copyright 2005 Willie Crawford

Have you ever noticed that some very successful direct
marketers go out of their way to be cantankerous? Have you
ever wondered why? Today we’re going to discover their
secret? It makes many of them millions!

Studies have shown that people buy on emotion and then
justify it with logic. We buy new BMW convertibles because
we know we’ll look good in them. Then we rationalize that
“BMW makes a very good car that will prove to be a great
long-term investment.”

Those direct marketers that come across as cantankerous, or
even total jerks, are deliberately tapping into the
emotional side of their market. They’re doing something
called polarization.

Polarization is the art, or science, of getting members of
your market to take an emotional stance. You want to get
them to either really like you – or dislike you. Those who
are neutral rarely buy your products. Remember, people buy
on emotion, even though they β€˜re often not conscious of it.
Getting people emotionally charged INCREASES your chances
of making a sale!

One marketer that understands this concept and uses it
brilliantly is copywriter Gary Halbert. Gary will tell you
that he is the greatest copywriter alive, and he charges
for his services accordingly. If you visit Gary’s site at: you’ll see that he is very
politically INCORRECT. Gary goes out of his way to insult
his audience, delivering smack after smack as he educates
you on what good copywriting is.

Gary understands that not everyone is his market. So he
creates strong feelings, and this drives away those who
would never buy from him… and really endears him to those
who appreciate his work. This tactic is very effective,
and Gary has no shortage of customers making him rich.

Another marketers who understands this concept very well is
Jay Abraham. I watched Jay Abraham, Stephen Pierce, and
Rich Schefren orchestrate a teleseminar in 2004. Leading
up to this teleseminar, they sent out a barrage of
emotionally charged, very informative emails.

Their numerous joint venture partners also sent out a
tightly orchestrated barrage of emails to their lists.

Those who saw the tremendous value in the free information
provided in all those emails were charged up. They were so
charged up that many could hardly wait for the teleseminar
to take place. I was one of those nudged to sign up for
this $497 teleseminar through all of those emails πŸ™‚

A final example of a marketer brilliantly employing
polarization is a guy who calls himself “The Rich Jerk.” I
won’t reveal his identity, but will tell you that coming
across as a jerk is making him millions on the Internet.
He is a very good marketer in his own right (he recently
sold a website on Ebay for $379,000).

This “Rich Jerk” uses emotionally charged copy on his
websites and it’s very effective. Part of what makes his
copy so effective is that he also incorporates proof of
what he says. Reading this copy, you get emotionally
charged up, and at the same time, you realize that you’ve
encountered someone who can really help you succeed. You
can see how he does this by reading his copy at:

By studying the examples above, you see that using
polarization, or even coming across as a jerk, can be a
very powerful marketing tactic. It can touch your reader
at a deeper psychological and emotional level than many
other marketing techniques. However, don’t forget that
another reason this works in the examples above is that
these marketers also deliver tremendous value to their
customers. They also PROVE their points.

Without also incorporating proof into their copy, this
tactic probably wouldn’t work. Without proof they would
just turn prospects off. So now you know… jerks win at
direct marketing because they employ polarization and proof.

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It may take awhile to learn the best tricks and gain the most results from your direct marketing efforts but that is one of the best things about the internet; you can learn and test more each day. Give it a go and see what tactics you can come up with that work to get you the best results for your business model.

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