Targeted Website Traffic-How to Get Your Hands on Some

As always I am researching new ways to make money with as little income going out as possible. Yes, I know it takes money to make money, but some of us have a little less money than others but still a strong desire to branch out and try to make it in the online business world. In order to make money, we need the right targeted website traffic.
Most of us who would like to work from home online have no extra money to be trying out every new idea available out there that offers to help us ten fold for $30 a shot(or more). So, dig deep and dig far. There has got to be a cheaper way, right?
It is so tempting to just give up when you see no income coming in yet. It seems like there is constantly still something else you need to make the business better and more noticed,and bringing in the customers. But the number one lesson taught in business school is that in the first year of business EXPECT to lose money. Just because society has evolved a little and we can now have the freedom and ease of conducting business online in ways we never could before, it doesn’t mean that the rules have changed altogether.
Just as you can’t lose 50 pounds of excess weight in one month for long lasting results, you can’t expect to get rich quick in business. It is all a process. You test some things out, change this and that, and have faith and perseverance. If after 2 years you still don’t see a single penny and are still losing money, then maybe you should seek professional help.(professional business help that is).
Think of all the writers out there. How many publishers do they have to contact before someone thinks them worth the bucks. Even before that, how many rewrites have to be done. It is a process. But one that can not be given up on if you have the passion and desire to succeed.
The following is an article that I jumped right on to help increase my targeted website traffic and flow of business. The researching has been done and I recommend you email him to get the list he is offering.

Copyright 2005 Robert Evans

There is no excuse for NOT employing this marketing tactic.
It will not cost you any money and it can be duplicated as
many times as you like and once you have set it up it will
go on sending traffic to your site for months, even years

The tactic I refer to involves placing as many keywords as
possible on Pay Per Click Search Engines. And I will show
you how to get up $500 worth of free targeted traffic just
by following the guidelines below.

As well as the more popular PPCSEs such as Kanoodle,
Overture, Sprinks and FindWhat there are a number of newer
ones that offer sign up bonuses in the form of a starter
balance in your account. These range from $1 to as much as

Bids start as low as 1 cent, so if you get a $1 bonus you
will receive 100 visitors to your site. There is usually no
limit to the number of keywords you can list. I have over
1000 keyword phrases listed on 30 engines and every visitor
“costs” me 1 cent.

By the time I have used up all my credits I will have
generated many thousands of hits to the four sites I am
promoting. And all for free. This is genuine, quality,
targeted traffic. How do I know it is targeted? Because I
employ a simple but effective tactic to ensure that the
visitors I get know what they are going to my site for. On
one of the sites I am looking for freebie hunters and on
the other three I am selling a product or service – and I
state as much in either the title or description or both.

I realise this breaks the established rule of advertising
in that you should not reveal the price in the ad itself –
but remember, this is a Search Engine with a difference
because we are “paying” for the visitors I get.

For the products and services I am promoting I either
reveal a price or make it clear that something is for sale
– that way we keep the freebie hunters from wasting their
time and our account credits!

So what do you need to kickstart your PPCSE marketing
campaign? First of all you will need an Excel spreadsheet.
If you don’t have Excel then you can pick up a streadsheet

Divide your spreadsheet into 5 columns:
In column 1 type in your keywords or phrases, as many as
you can come up with relevant to your site.
In column 2 put in your bid price. We recommend 0.01. Make
sure your spreadsheet programme does not enter a comma, or
the PPCSEs will NOT accept your listing.
In column 3 type a title or headline. Make this short but
interesting and if relevant mention a price or something
like “under $30” or “at a competitive price” etc so the
visitor knows you are selling something.
In column 4 type in the URL of the site you are promoting.
In column 5 type a short description.

Here is an example of one of my listings:

marketing resources
Free internet marketing action plan
Build your downlines in several programmes quickly and

Use a resource like Word Tracker to find relevant keyword
combinations. Then prepare your spreadsheet as in the
example above.

Next, find some PPCSEs and create your accounts. (For a
list of PPCSEs I employ simply send a blank email to: Before you sign up make sure they
are still offering the bonus credits on your account. Once
you have signed up, simply log in, click on Manage
Listings, then Add Listing, then on “Click here if you have
multiple listings” under the form.

Go back to your spreadsheet, copy the entire contents and
paste them into the box on the Multiple Listings page.
Click the button. Your listing will then either be added
instantly to the database or you will receive a
confirmation by email some hours later.

You can keep adding keywords for other sites, but try not
to duplicate any given word or phrase as this might be
classed as spamming. To check your ranking on any PPCSE you
have an account with just do a search on a keyword or

The great thing about these engines is that you can check
your stats in real time. You can find out which keywords
are clicked on, how often, how much it has “cost” you and
how much there is left in your account.

Bob Evans has been marketing on the net since 2000. His
GET-IT-DONE! Marketing Action Plan includes a whopping 1000
personalised listings for you to copy and paste right into
these PPCSEs

With a plan to do as little as 30 minutes a day to bring in traffic, you can see your targeted website traffic grow and your business start earning more money little by little but it must be a consistent effort made to help it grow.

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