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Get Website Traffic-Quick Tips for Driving the Visitors In

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You know the old saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”? Well, it applies to online business or any business for that matter as well. With the ease of the online business capabilities of today we tend to forget that. We get our business up and running in a relatively short time these days but then get discouraged when after months we still haven’t acheived everything we thought we would.So how do you get website traffic? Are there tips that will help drive your visitors to you?
Although we may have researched other business websites and it doesn’t appear that they have any better features. We still don’t know what it could be. We then start to doubt ourselves, or product, service or marketing strategies. What we felt so confident about when we first set out we find ourselves rethinking the whole thing. Why does it seem others are doing so well when we know we have a comparable product/service?
The following article may shed some light on the issue at hand and how to get that website traffic coming to you.

Why Does Nobody Visit My Web Site?
Copyright 2005 Peter Dobler

After endless hours of writing, designing and programming
your brand new web site is ready for prime time. You tested
your shopping cart software and you made sure that all your
external affiliate links have your affiliate id. You’re
making sure that you will get the commissions you deserve.
This is a very exiting moment. You will expose your writing
skills and your ability to design an attractive web site to
the whole world. All of you who have a website know what
I’m talking about.

Your web site is online and you’re open for business. Ready
to take as many orders as you can possibly handle. A day
goes by and there are no orders. Another day goes by and
there are still no orders. You give it a week. People need
to warm up to your new business. Still nothing, not even a
single visitor. Well, you are about to experience what
thousands of webmasters experienced before. Nobody even
knows that you are in business or what you’re selling.

What is your first reaction to this? Submit the website to
as many search engines as possible. We all did this before.
It takes weeks, even months, before you appear on the major
search engines and your ranking stinks. There are ways to
achieve great success with search engine optimization. This
is a very complex topic and I will devote another article
series to this topic.

Ok, search engines are not the solution you’re looking for.
The only effective way to instantly create traffic to a
brand new web site is through email subscriptions. Of
course this is not a free ride, but there are many opt-in
email lead providers who offer great service at a great
price. My favorites are listed at the end of this article.

You’re anxiously waiting for the first list of email leads,
delivered by your leads provider. Also you made sure, that
you are not spamming. The good news is that all the people
on the list want to hear what you have to offer. You could
manually send an email to every one of them. This works for
a couple of emails, but you probably will get hundreds of
email leads. The solution for this problem is called
autoresponders. Autoresponders are email robots
automatically sending out emails to a pre-defined list of
recipients on your behalf. They’re taking care of the
initial welcome letter and send follow-up emails. My
favorite autoresponders are listed at the end of this

Now you’re on your way to unbelievable traffic to your web
site, right? Wrong! What are all these people subscribing
to? You are in desperate need of something you can offer to
your subscribers. You might have a killer welcome letter,
but nothing else. Most of your emails will never be opened,
because they never passed the spam filters. The words
you’re using are not convincing enough to attract readers
to your web site.

Worst off all, your headline is so lame that nobody even
opens your email. Keep in mind, that most people are using
free email accounts for their subscriptions. That’s right!
The same rules you apply for your own email habits apply to
your prospective subscribers. Would you subscribe to
newsletters or online offers with you primary email
address? Of course not, you guard your primary email
address like your bank account. Most free email accounts
don’t offer preview panels like you’re probably used to
with your Outlook Express email program. So the headline is
your most important asset.

There are many reasons why you still not getting the
results you’re looking for. This is frustrating, but the
name of the game is persistence. Learn as much as you can
about effective marketing strategies. Apply proven
strategies to your business. Don’t try to reinvent the
wheel. Stick to what’s working for others to achieve the
results you’re looking for.

The topic on writing effective marketing emails is very
complex and is definitely out of scope for this little

As mentioned before here’s my list of great email services
to supercharge your business.


– Getresponse, a free autoresponder with great service.

Email Leads:

– ListOpt, pay per lead generator. Seamlessly integrates
with Getresponse’s autoresponder.

– ListBuilder, another pay per lead generator. Very high
quality email leads. They even offer triple opt-in (three
confirmation emails before address is send to you and
you’re billed for it, now that’s quality!).

– PushButton leads; unlimited email leads for one low
monthly fee. If you write a very deceptive ad for your
newsletter, this will probably be the cheapest email leads
you can get.

Armed with this knowledge and a killer newsletter for your
product, you’re on your way to enormous business success.

Peter Dobler is a 20+ year veteran in the IT business. He
is an active Real Estate Investor and a successful Internet
business owner.
Learn more about the concept of residual income at or send a blank email to

Without a way to get that website traffic coming in to our sites, our business will never take off. Our products, no matter how much useful information they may have, or how they could benefit people, will never be shared without people getting to them. It is crucial to find a strategy that will get the traffic coming to your door.

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