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Marketing Tactics-What is Truly Effective?

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I was thinking about what seems to be popular these days. As I sit at home and keep the t.v. turned on while I work I listen to the shows, commercials, and themes that play out on the air. During the morning and up until about 4pm I am barraged by a series of education advertisements calling for people at home to rethink their life goals, and to give education in various fields a shot to change their lives for the better. Do you agree with the marketing tactics companies are using to get their message across? Do you agree with the messages? Are they effective or simply a way to play on people’s guilt or inadequacies?

In the evening there are commercials involving families. Get a better car or truck, get a better home,or insurance to protect your family’s future. Why does everything marketed seem to imply that the life one lives now is not complete unless you can get something more? How are we to be content if we are brainwashed into thinking we always need something else?

In the late night all the commercials are about love, dating and intimacy(and just plain lust). Therefore all the single souls out there get to feel worthless or incomplete because they don’t have someone special in their lives. I’m sorry but I am single and have been for almost 2 years now. I am rather enjoying it and don’t appreciate the masses trying to make me feel like I have to have a counterpart or I am less of a woman. It is insulting. I can’t say I agree with many of the marketing tactics being used by the media. But then, who am I to say what is truly effective?

I have a good life. I am in the process of running my own business. I have a loving family. 2 gorgeous,smart, well behaved children, and a home in a town I feel safe in. I have an education, am intelligent, well mannered, and pretty cute. Why do I need to be searching for more? Why can’t I just enjoy what I have? Don’t you feel the same? I mean there is nothing wrong with trying to better your life. I am not trying to debate that. I just don’t think we should get so lost up in the pursuit that we lose what good we do have and take for granted the things we shouldn’t.
It is way too easy to do. Here’s to love, happiness and the pursuit of joy within your own soul!

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