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Effective Search Engine Optimization

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Getting traffic to your site when there is so much competition these days can feel like a hard task for sure. You need to know effective search engine optimization. Keywords are the clue to getting the top number spots in search engines. But there are so many words that can be used. Have you ever typed in various words and seen the difference between the order of articles that pop up by even the difference of one or two words?
Here is an article that should clear up any concerns you may have regarding keywords and the use of effective search engine optimization.
Marketing your Online Business – Effective Search Engine Optimization
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It is a fact that few web search surfers will click beyond
the first two to three pages of search results looking for
what they need. If they do not find it within the first few
pages of search results they will either search again using
a different search engine or they will search on slightly
different search terms.

The goal of search engine optimization is about creating a
web site that reaches the first page of the search results
for the particular keywords or keyword phrases you are
targeting. Search engine optimization or SEO is becoming
more and more important as the competition increases for
top placement among on the search engines. Hundreds, if not
thousands, of new web sites are being added to the World
Wide Web on a daily basis and they are all competing for
top placement.

Search engine optimization does not have to be complicated
or elusive. In fact, you are probably better off staying
away from some of the more questionable search engine
optimization strategies and sticking to the basics. The
foundation of basic search engine optimization is to weave
relevant keywords into your web site throughout your
internal and external links, the URL addresses of each
individual page, and most importantly, content.

You can significantly increase the effectiveness of your
search engine optimization efforts by carefully choosing
the right keywords.

The most important part of effective search engine optimization is
choosing the right keywords and keyword phrases to use in
optimizing your web site. You need to know what keywords
web search surfers are searching for when searching for
your products or services. Once you have a list of popular
search terms you then need to determine how much
competition there is for each particular term and possible
choose keywords where you have a realistic chance of being

For example, let us assume your keyword is “search engine
optimization” You may find that this term is very
competitive. In fact, at the time of this article, there
were 83,600,000 search results returned on a search using
“search engine optimization.” While you certainly want to
optimize your site for this keyword you should also seek
less competitive keywords. For example, at the time of this
article, if you were you to search Google on the phrase
“search engine optimization strategies” you would return
approximately 29,600,000 results. This is certainly going
to be less competitive. There are likely going to be
hundreds more keyword alternatives using the phrase search
engine optimization. The question you may have is how do
you do research on what keyword phrases are best to use.

There are some good tools available on the Internet for
doing keyword research for your search engine optimization

Yahoo Search Marketing is an excellent tool that is
available for free. This particular search engine
optimization tool s located at the following URL address.

To get started simply go to the box near the middle of the
page and Enter a keyword to see how many searches were done
on that keyword within the last month. Not only will you
receive the number of searches for that particular search
term but also all of the possible alternatives. Simply by
paying attention to the number of searches done on a
particular term you can have a pretty good idea of what
kind of competition exists for each term. It is generally a
good idea to target keywords or keyword phrases that have
less than 50,000 searches.

Another excellent tool for doing keyword research is
available at Wordtracker is not free but
is probably one of the best keyword analysis tools
available on the Internet. If you are serious about search
engine optimization you will want to check out Wordtracker.

Choosing the right keywords is the foundation of effective
search engine optimization and will be the key to getting
your site to the top.

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As you can see, effective search engine optimization can really help you grow your presence and business on the internet. Get out there and find those good low competition keywords and watch just how much your traffic stats, rankings and income changes.

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