Marketing Sites and Advertising Tools to Grow Your Business

marketingMost of these sites have a paid version and a free account option. I have always tried the free version first to see how they worked and see what potential they had. If they became a leading traffic source for me, I had no problem ramping things up and paying anywhere from a couple dollars a month to $40 depending on what they were. Some of the advertising tools are also membership sites that offer affiliate programs or other sources of income for you to earn with instead of charging a fee at all.


IBOtoolbox is a state-of-the-art marketing platform that levels the playing field for the Independent business owner. By using this platform, you will be branding your business in a way that normally would cost a business thousands upon thousands of dollars. However, IBOtoolbox is completely free.

The BANNERS and BUCKS Web Site (the “Site”) is an online banner rotator service

Point and Click to Create Your Own Banners and earn more money for your business

Design your own flyers for free and look like a true professional

Free Press Release Distribution Center

Viral Traffic and List Building for Free

To get unlimited traffic you need to promote so that you get few sign ups say 5 or 10.If you introduce 5 and they do the same you can get 19530 visitors to your site. If you Introduce 10 and they do the same you get 1111110 visitors your site.

Post ads daily, get free traffic and make passive income as an affiliate

click on 10 emails a day and you can send a solo ad to the other thousands of members each day. This is one of the only list building sites I like because you can do it every day and you don’t get bombarded by other emails, you can simply log into your account on this site and choose which ones you want to look at for the day.

you post a quick ad from someone else onto your FB or Twitter page and then you can post up your own. You can post up to 10 ads a day for free or unlimited if you have the paid membership.

This is a sister site of the trade a list and has the same options of being able to go in and read the emails there and post daily all for free.

This is another good one like trade a list and zoomla. While I have not yet used it much, it is supposed to be set up much in the same way.

Haven’t tried this yet but it looks pretty good. A friend of mine sent the link to me to try since she uses it a lot with great results.

Another list builder that has had a positive reputation for helping people build their list when they are just starting out.

Free traffic generating system. You can get your own webpage to promote if you would like.

Simple 3 step membership process to get you off and showing your site to 1000’s of other members.

Only $9 a month for a whole lot of advertising tools, banners, analytics and more!


(most of these are Canadian based because that is where I live)


Social Media Marketing Place

AddMeFast helps you to increase Facebook Likes, Facebook Share, Facebook Followers, Facebook Post Likes, Facebook Post Share, Google+ Circles, Google+ Post Share, YouTube Subscribe, YouTube Video Likes, YouTube Video Favorites, YouTube Views, Twitter Followers, Twitter Tweets, Twitter reTweets, Twitter Favorites, Likes, VK Page Followers, VK Group Join, MySpace Friends, Instagram Followers, Instagram Photo Likes, Pinterest Followers, Pinterest rePins, Pinterest Likes, Reverbnation Fans, SoundCloud Followers, SoundCloud Music Listening, StumbleUpon Followers and WebSite Hits (autosurf).


(like Pinterest)

There are a ton of sites online that you can use in your marketing efforts. While some work, others are often not worth your time. You can use up a lot of your valuable time researching and trying out many of these sites you find and that could be costing you daily income coming into your bank account.

I would love to know if you find any of these work great for you. Feel free to comment below so the rest of us can hear about your experience.

All the best!







Top 5 Reasons to Start a Network Marketing Business

RightNetworkingPartnersThere are many businesses to get started both online and offline these days but some are a little bit riskier than others. A few years back network marketing or MLM businesses were met with a shudder when you told anyone that was what you were doing. With the introduction of the Internet, video marketing, and social media, starting a network marketing business is a great way to build a lucrative home business today. Below are the top 5 reasons why you should maybe consider starting a network marketing business if you are still trying to decide on a home business idea for yourself.

Success Can Be Yours for the Taking!

While it is said that only 20% of the people who start these types of business make enough to live off of, that is not really that bad of a statistic. As in almost all businesses there are always the big shots who go all out and do whatever it takes to succeed. If you find a good program that offers products or services you can believe in, they offer an excellent training program, and your upline is in it with you and willing to offer you any help you need, than the rest is up to you!

Some of the wealthiest people today have started network marketing businesses and pushed through until they took it as far as they could.

It Won’t Put You in Debt to Get Started

If you were to start a brick and mortar store, it is said that 50% who start never even make it past the first year with up to a whopping 95% failing by their 5th year! Add up all the rent, utilities, and other costs needed to run a traditional business and paying $100 or less a month for network marketing membership fees is NOTHING!

Costs for a traditional business can be anywhere from $1000 to $100,000 depending on what you decide to start up. There are so many network marketing companies these days that can be started for even less than $50 a month.

I spent last year testing out a few choices for a test that I was doing. Of the 5 I joined, 3 were not very good even though they were affordable to start. This is why you need to do your research and choose something that you will truly enjoy and believe in.

MLM and Network Marketing Businesses are Pretty Simple to Run

Sometimes in order to start a business in a specific field you need to have a university or college degree and then some number of years of experience. With most network marketing companies don’t require this.

If you find a good company to work with, they will offer you a “back office” in your website or membership platform. In here, you should be given training files, samples to work with for advertising(graphics, text ads, emails, etc.), a section where you can track some traffic stats, and perhaps even more tools or online services you can use to make your marketing even easier.

Once you have learned what you need to know, your main job then is to MARKET! Talk to as many people as you can both online and offline and point out the benefits of your product or service. This is where believing in your company is key. If you love and use what you promote, it will show. Most people can tell a marketer who is only out for the money.

It’s Cheaper for Taxes

If you are running a traditional brick and mortar business, you can often pay thousands and thousands in taxes. If you run a home network marketing business, there is not only less start up costs, daily maintenance costs and equipment costs but you are eligible for taxes that you wouldn’t be with a business outside of your home.

Also, since you are a sole proprietor, you don’t have to pay for employees, or other costs and taxes incurred with running a different kind of business.

It’s Growing More Popular Every Day

With the global economy changing and jobs at risk every day, more and more people are looking for ways to run their own business and secure their own financial futures. Network Marketing provides that opportunity. When you join a great company you can market online to the whole world as well as in your own town and country which means your chances for making more money is greater.

Many people are still of the mind that MLM companies are just glorified pyramid schemes with only the top dogs seeing the big money after all their hard work. But as more people start to make money, this misconception is slowly falling to the wayside and new people are venturing forward to give it a go.

If you are looking to start a home business, do not want to open up a brick and mortar store then you should start to do some research on available network marketing opportunities. There are opportunities now in almost every niche you could want to be in whether it be health related(Plexus is my recommendation for that), beauty(Nerium is a great choice), internet marketing(Ingresso Cybernetico is a good option), or something in the parenting niche(My Cash Freebies offers discounts and free trials for various household items and services and you can start this business for less than $20. You can make between $20 to $80 per referral you sign up afterwards.)

I have tried all of these or know someone who has and does well with them. All of them offer extensive training and tools to help you grow your business both offline and online.

If you would like any more information regarding these opportunities, please comment below and I will be sure to help you out!

All the best!




P.S. Download my Free report “How to Get Started with a Low Cost Home Business
for more ideas and tips to help you get started on your way to financial freedom.

Why You Should Be Doing Email Marketing with Your Business

Email-marketing-tipsEmail Marketing is still one of the best ways to grow your relationship with your clients and customers and generate additional income for your business every month. I know not everyone knows the how or why, I didn’t learn too long ago myself, so here is a chart to show you why you should be jumping on board and investing in such a powerful tool. To get started building your own list with a free trial and then just $9.95 a month, simply click on the image below to take you to the sign up page.

Some people may feel a little intimidated at the thought of all that goes into setting up your own email list and creating messages to send out to your subscribers but it is also a lot of fun and there are so many places you can find interested subscribers online that you would be silly to leave this business building aspect out of your arsenal.

Do you already use an autoresponder? Do you know others who have had success? Which ones do you hear other small business owners talking about and why? I look forward to hearing your comments below.

Until next time,




P.S. If you ever need content for your blog or email messages, you should be sure to try out PLR packages. They are a great way to save you a lot of time, or headache when you just can’t think of something new to write for promotions or even new digital products of your own. There is content on almost every niche out there so no matter what business you want to promote, you will more than likely find something that works for you all at an affordable price!

Why not start a Virtual Assistant Business?

virtual-assistant-businessDo you have skills that you feel would benefit other small business owners? More and more people today are starting their own virtual assistant business. It is a perfect solution for those who have little money to spare and no product in mind. I have loved being a virtual assistant and meeting new people, learning new programs and skills and taking those things and helping other small business owners make more money and keep their business running. Below is a video I made detailing some of the important aspects of being a virtual assistant and how you can get started yourself if you are interested.

Do you have any questions or comments? Please feel free to leave a comment below and I will help you out.

To your success!




P.S. Are you interested in starting this business but not sure of where to go and what to do first? I learned it all on my own and I wish there had been help 8 years ago. But now there is! You can check out this full virtual assistant course that shows you how to get a website up and clients coming in along with full support.

Volunteering-Showing How Networking and Branding Work Together

When you decide to get into volunteering, you never know who you will meet. Sometimes, it is not who you know that really matters but who knows you. Volunteering helps brand you if you associate yourself with a specific organization or charity. Most successful people can be found giving back at a charity event or dinner.

So why else should you be volunteering?

How else can volunteering benefit you?

  • You may find new skills that you might not have known you had or you could upgrade your skills
  • It is a great way to build your resume-this is a great way to stand out from the crowd
  • This is a great way to test drive a new career if you are unsure of what way to take your business or which niche/field you may want to go into
  • This is the perfect way to gain experience. Most companies like to promote within the company itself or look for those who have the type of experience they need.
  • Volunteering helps you develop a greater sense of SELF
  • Volunteering helps you feel more confident, and when people see that, they are attracted to you
  • Volunteering is also a good way to find out about different cultures and how other people may live and work
  • Volunteering is one of the best ways to find out what your PASSION is
  • And as mentioned before, it is a perfect way to brand yourself.

Too many people in this day and age have to get up every Monday morning and go into a job that they absolutely dread just because they must pay their bills. By volunteering in different environments, you can learn where you love to be and what you truly enjoy doing. You can then go on to start your own business, freelance, or look for work in a company who is in that field. When you are happier, success is easier. When you are happier, relationships with others like your spouse is also easier and more enjoyable.

So, how can you get involved in volunteer work?

There are organizations like Toastmaster who can help you learn skills like public speaking and who help other clubs and associations get set up and running. You can contact the government or just go to the head office or human resources department of any company you would like to be involved with an ask if they have a volunteer program and how you can get involved. Some places will require you fill out a bunch of paper work, be checked for a criminal record and perhaps even a credit check, while others will merely just ask you to fill in a short form that has your personal information and take you on right away.

I hope this information gave you some food for thought about why it would be great to start volunteering places. I myself volunteer at my boys school. I go on class trips, help out for any bake sales or fundraising events, and do what I can to make a difference. One of the enjoyable benefits of being able to make my own schedule is the ability to work around the things that matter. My family matters and their future and education are of utmost importance to me.

What do you like to do? Have you tried volunteering anywhere yet? If so, I would love to hear it below in a comment!

All the best!




P.S. Not sure you should worry about branding if you don’t own a company and are just a freelancer or solo entrepreneur? Personal branding is just as important and not as daunting as you might think. You should give it a try. You just might be impressed about how much your business and income can grow.

How to Post an ad in a Facebook group-video

facebook-ads3Keeping along with our Facebook Marketing theme, I would like to share this video that I created that shows you the best way to post an ad into a Facebook group quick and easy and without being too promotional or spammy. Remember though, that regardless of which Facebook groups you decide to join, you must read and follow the rules of the group. Some groups are only available for networking and sharing ideas and they will ban you or delete any ads you may try to post if you do not follow the rules. If you do this too many times, Facebook will receive a notice and you could be risking your whole Facebook profile.

Many types of business links are not allowed so having your own domain name with sub directories or pages to re-direct your link to will help you out and keep your ads and Facebook posts in circulation.

Did you understand the video? Do you have any questions or concerns? I would love to hear them in the comment section below.

Have fun being creative with your ads and much luck to you for getting those leads!




P.S. Are you interested in learning about creating Facebook paid ads and generating leads? Google used to be the go to place for generating leads and traffic and it used to be affordable. Now, it’s not. But Facebook is! But you must still learn the best way to promote so you don’t waste your money.

How to Join Facebook Groups and Turn Off Notifications Video

Facebook Groups





One of the jobs you may find yourself doing for your clients is Social Media Management. This often includes joining Facebook groups and posting ads or comments on their behalf. Depending on the niche your client is in, this could be a way to grow an email list by offering a free report or product.

When I first started out helping other VAs get online and running their business, I used to spend hours posting to work at home and home business groups on Facebook. I spent hours crafting my ads, created a free report to offer along with some useful software to get them to sign up to my list(who knows, that may be how you got to be here in the first place!). And then I spent even more hours posting the ads and link to groups. Three hours in the morning (between 7am-10am seem to be the most fruitful), and then 2 hours around supper and then finally 2 hours before bed (9pm-11pm).

Facebook groups can be a great marketing platform that is free and easy to use if you learn how to market with it properly. When I first got started, I didn’t really know the difference between a “closed” group and an “open” group when it came to posting on the Timeline and whether or not it would show up and annoy all my friends. Well….it did! It also annoyed me because I did not know how to turn off notifications and was constantly receiving emails from every group I posted to. I had to fix that real quick! So, I came up with this video to show you the steps you need to take to turn off these notifications and get on with just having to read your important emails.

Facebook is always updating and changing their settings. I swear sometimes they do it just to annoy us. Have you had any issues when you have tried to follow the steps? I encourage any comments or suggestions below.

Have fun promoting your business!


Changing Domain Nameservers for Website Creation









One of the tasks you may want to be offering to your clients is creating a website for their online business presence. But it is recommended that you purchase a domain name from one hosting company while you actually host your site with another. Because of this, you as a V.A. will need to know how to change the domain nameservers in the one account to work with the other one.

If you learn how to do techie jobs, you can offer a higher hourly rate for your services and can also make your clients feel more at ease so they don’t have to stress about trying to understand or even think about those kinds of things.

I have taped a quick video to show you how easy it can be to change domain nameservers and get your clients website off to a great start.

Please feel free to add any comments or questions you may have below as I would like to ensure that you understand the steps.

Have fun learning new skills like these and impress yourself with your accomplishments. Until next time,


Free Online Banner Maker Software

officegirlWhen you are a Virtual Assistant, one of the tasks you may be asked if you can do is creating banners for affiliate programs being run by your clients. While some people already have and know programs like Photoshop, others either don’t have the cash for programs like that or don’t have the time to learn all the ins and outs of a program that size.

I like to make banners and adverts with pictures in them for my advertising but I was always getting frustrated with the multiple layers and tweaking I needed to learn with Photoshop or even the free software called Gimp that is similar to Photoshop. So, I went around and researched various banner maker software and finally found something that was worth playing with. I also have to admit that now I am a little addicted to the program and make banners just for fun sometimes so I can test and tweak various layouts and fonts to see what looks good and receives “likes” on Facebook and the other social media platforms I post them on. is a cool online software that you can use any time you want to make all sizes of banners you may need for your advertising needs. If you have creative ability, this program is so easy to use that honestly, even your ten year old child could help you out with it. Check out the video below where I show you how quick and easy it is to whip out a banner, then go check it out for yourself and post a comment on my blog below to let me know what you think of it.

I would like to see some of your advertising ideas. If you would care to share I would love you to post a comment below.

Have fun!


Time Management-Keeping an Agenda will Help You Stay Organized

AgendaNow I know you can go and get an agenda at your local office depot store nearby or even Walmart, but there are a few reasons why I think the Mom Agendas stand out among the crowd.

First off, right now they are running a big promotion that will allow you to get your agenda with 35% off the original price. This agenda is great because it is in a larger format than other day planners and provides a way that you can not only track your own tasks for the day but also schedule in events for up to four children. Having all this available with one glance can save you hours of time and hassle.

Also these calendars provide for a year and a half worth of planning so you can schedule doctors appointments, or business events way into the future without worrying about forgetting or scheduling things when you are on vacation. It also comes with two folders that fold up so that you can keep receipts, documents, passports or any other important information you would like nearby that pertains to the events posted within your agenda.

You can also get it personalized! That is the neat part I think. Another form of advertising. Say you are sitting on the bus or at the doctors office and writing in some quick notes, if someone glances over and sees your virtual assistant business name on the book, they may strike up a conversation which could land you a lead, a customer or a new client.

And they also come in a variety of colors and patterns so you can add a little spunk and fun into your day.
If you want to go claim your discount right now and see how these excellent agendas can help you and your family stay organized and on track, just click on the banner below and check it out.

One of the most important aspects of running a business and becoming an expert at time management is to effectively utilize the business tools and products found on the market today. I would love to hear about other tools you use to help you stay organized and run both your home and business. Feel free to post a comment below.