The Importance of Listening to Motivational Audios

When you are trying to build and run your own online business there will be days that you just don't want to get out of bed. No matter what niche or field you have decided to work in, there will always be bad days. That is just the truth. It takes consistent effort and focus to run a successful like and business. So, you need to get help whenever you can. One thing I find that has really made a difference for me when running the every day to day things in business especially when they are not going Read more [...]
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Office Product Reviews-My Efficient Office

Hi all. Today I would like to start a new series called "My Efficient Office". In this series, I will run through some product reviews to show you how to set up the most efficient and cozy work space for you to run your home office. When I first started working from home I did not have a secure office space where I could close the door and work without interruption. Because of this (working on a laptop at my kitchen table), I was often very frustrated because I never seemed to be able to get a full Read more [...]
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Volunteering-Showing How Networking and Branding Work Together

When you decide to get into volunteering, you never know who you will meet.  And as I mentioned above, it is not who you know that really matters but who knows you. Volunteering helps brand you if you associate yourself with a specific organization or charity. Most successful people can be found giving back at a charity event or dinner. So why else should you be volunteering?  How else can volunteering benefit you? You may find new skills that you might not have known you had or you could Read more [...]
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Networking-Doing What It Takes to Help Others

Networking is a crucial part of building your business because now a days it is not about what you have to sell or even who you know but more about WHO KNOWS YOU. This requires getting yourself out there and getting people to recognize not only your name but your face. Social media is a good way to connect with people online but going to events, volunteering and doing things in person are an even better way to network and grow your list of business contacts. Like I said before, Networking Read more [...]
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Using Social Media to Bring in More Traffic

Social media is a good way to build your brand and get known but it is not that reliable for bringing in hordes of traffic or even any sales. If you spend your time focusing primarily on this method, you could find yourself low on money or business for too long. Social media is worth the mention though so I will spend a minute here to give you a quick tip or two. When you are spending time on places like Twitter and Facebook, instead of jotting down things about yourself like what you had Read more [...]
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Using Webinars for Traffic and Sales

While I do not have much to say when it comes to webinars having only done one myself, I have to admit that it can be a great way to make some money without a big advertising investment. My mother Carol Bremner is the perfect example of how using webinars can grow your business and help you get more sales. There are many webinar programs you can use with the most popular being and . There are both free and paid programs and depending on how often Read more [...]
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Free Traffic Advertising Methods

If you are going to rely on free traffic sources for your advertising and marketing methods, then you should make sure that you do a variety of them so that when Google changes it’s algorithm again, you are not in jeopardy of losing everything as so many people have done before you. There are software programs designed by shady people to try to manipulate the ranking system and people have been using them to gain top spots for their keywords. This creates an unfair advantage over those who cannot Read more [...]
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Video Marketing

This is a free method that is just starting to become popular. While you don’t sell in the video itself, your job is to get their attention and get them curious enough to click on a link to your site where you will have the sales page and closing comments to get them buying. If you love to make videos, you can create information videos to build your brand and awareness and get your name out there. The more people get to recognize your name and face, they will begin to trust you and will then Read more [...]
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Email Marketing

CPA (Cost Per Action) is another method you could pay for. This is when you pay other affiliate marketers something like .50 or $1 for a lead. This is normally a name and email address. No one has to buy anything so this often has excellent results for the affiliate marketer who gets a lot of traffic to their site. But because it is a low payment for the marketer, they know the money is in the volume so unless they do have a lot of traffic, this method is not the best way to make money for them. This Read more [...]
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Advertising-Finding the Best Marketing Practices

There are many marketing practices you could follow when looking for the best way to advertise yourself or your business. Some work better for specific business models while others are geared to things like social media and networking or offline avenues. Often it takes a lot of money to find which method works the best for you. This is why many companies make sure that they have a nice sized budget for marketing and advertising. Split testing is key. Split testing is merely the trial and error of Read more [...]
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